SayWhatNow is a revolutionary way for researchers to get accurate, representative research results quickly and cost-effectively

The SayWhatNow Web Portal puts all this power in your hands, allowing you to run adhoc research projects as needed.

You are in control

The SayWhatNow Web Portal for researchers is designed to provide the ultimate "self-service" research experience. The entire process can be managed by you, with all the complexity dealt with behind the scenes.

  • Design the steps in your tasks using our intuitive visual designer.
  • Choose who you want to have complete responses, and how many of them.
  • Publish your task at the press of a button.
  • Watch responses come in live and complete your task in as little as an hour.

SAY what steps to complete

SayWhatNow has a visual editor that shows you exactly how your task will appear on a phone. Key metrics such as total response time and cost per response are calculated on the fly as you build your task.

  • Add “steps" to your task in any order.
  • Enter specific settings for each type of step so it works how you want.
  • Only pay for what you need.
  • Clearly understand how long the task is expected to take.
  • Be aware of the price per response for the current series of steps.
Primary Screenshot
Primary Screenshot

Choose WHAT respondents you want

Gain all the power of our integrated panel of respondents without any of the hassle. All you need to decide is what type of respondents you are after.

  • Choose respondents based on Gender, Age and Location.
  • You get as close to a representative sample as possible automatically.
  • Additional filtering is possible based upon tags.
  • Optionally use a specific point on a map as a target for your respondents.
Primary Screenshot

NOW go live

By the time you are ready to go live, you will have your task set up, and your respondent rules chosen. All without spending a cent. You only pay for the responses you receive.

  • Easy testing mechanism prior to going live – send the task to your own phone to test, or your client’s!
  • Once live, the system deals with notifying respondents and collecting responses.
  • Our "perfect quota" system ensures screen-outs are minimal or non-existent.
  • Sit back and watch responses come in live.
  • Complete the whole process in as little as an hour.
Primary Screenshot

So HOW MUCH will this cost?

SayWhatNow is designed so that you can ask as few questions as your like. Or as many as you need. You pay based on how much time your task takes to complete and the number of completes you get.

  • Design the steps you need.
  • Choose the respondent mix you want to send to.
  • See immediately how much it will cost.
  • Ready. Set. Go!
Pricing Example

So PICK the questions you want to ask

Every task is different. You'll certainly ask people different questions to any one else.

  • Create your questions
  • Check the time - up to 2 minutes will be the same cost
  • Add additional questions if you need them
  • Your cost per response is always shown in the top right corner
  • All prices will show response pricing and any optional transcription pricing
  • Simple up to 2 minute tasks start at $3 + GST per response
  • Tasks with Photos start at $6 + GST per response
  • Tasks with Videos start at $9 + GST per response
Pricing Example

WHO are you sending it to

How many people do you want to target?

  • Choose respondents based on Gender, Age and Location.
  • You get as close to a representative sample as possible automatically.
  • Choose the number of completes you'd like to collect
  • The number of respondents will determine your task total cost
Pricing Example
Pricing Example

So JUST BILL ME and get my task started

Get your task approved, get it out there

  • Every task needs to be approved
  • Adjust the start time and duration
  • Check the total cost displayed
  • You'll only be billed for the responses you collect
  • Accept the quote, start the task and we'll send you a quote
  • Once complete we'll bill you and send you an invoice
Pricing Example


Check out our case study on using SayWhatNow for an independent Australian, Fieldwork Agency. The Challenges, the solution, the steps and the summary.

Access the Web Portal for Researchers

The SayWhatNow Web Portal gives researchers all the tools they need to build, publish and report on "in-the-moment" research jobs.

To access the researcher portal you will need to register. If you have any questions be sure to contact us as