Download the SayWhatNow app

The SayWhatNow app is the perfect way for you to have your say, and earn great rewards while doing it.

We don’t waste your time

We want you to love the app as much as we do. One way we achieve this is to make sure the app works for you, rather than you working for the app.

  • No need to go into the app to search for tasks – ever.
  • Automatic notification of every task available to you – maximising your reward opportunties.
  • Complete a task if convenient – or ignore the notification. The choice is yours.
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Primary Screenshot Secondary Screenshot

We value your opinions

There are a lot of ways you can give your opinions and earn a little money. Our app is a little different. We want you to be excited every time you hear the notification.

  • You get super short tasks – most no more than two minutes to complete.
  • You get the option to let the app use your location to allocate tasks, or not. The choice is yours.
  • Users who share their location are rewarded by being eligible for more tasks.
  • You can get super high rewards – making $1 for a couple of minutes of your time.
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You get immediate rewards

As you complete tasks you build up your reward balance. As soon as you reach a balance of least $10, you can choose from a wide range of rewards that are Emailed to you for immediate use.

  • Immediately see your rewards grow at the end of each task.
  • Redeem at any time once your reward balance reaches at least $10.
  • Choose from a huge list of retailers.
  • Get an immediately redeemable code via Email that can be used in-store.
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